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Reasons Women Should Weight Train

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When it comes to losing weight women choose diet or exercise, exercise usually consists of running or cardio machines in the gym. It seems that women generally neglect the idea of resistance training for fat loss even though there is scientific evidence to show this is the best form of training to lose fat. How does…

Pull Up Power

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We have all heard of the pull up yet how many of you use this great exercise in your training regimen? Not as many as you would think is the answer and this tends to be because a lot of people find the pull up hard and cant carry out many reps. The pull up…

HIT Training – High Intensity Training

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Some of you may have heard the word HIT training banded around the gym by some of the big muscled types, but have you ever wondered what they mean by HIT training? HIT training is an abbreviation for High Intensity Training and was the brain child of Authur Jones, the man who launched Nautilus training…

Bodybuilding Body Composition Calculator

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When bodybuilding body composition is very important. Bodybuilding is all about sculpting the body to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible and to achieve this you need your body to be as totally in proportion like an Adonis. What becomes an issue with bodybuilding is that some areas of the body develop quicker than others…

Leg Press Exercise

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The leg press is an exercise that works the legs, predominantly working the Quadriceps and Gluteus Maximus muscles and the hamstrings as a secondary muscle group. Compared to other leg exercises such as the Squat the leg press lets a weight lifter lift much heavier weight as it does not lift the weight in a…

FREE Weight Training Plan

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I have been busy on Excel the last few days and have created a FREE weight training plan that will change according to your training aims. This weight training plan will help to mould what you do and increase your weight training to the optimum level of what you need to achieve your goals set…and…


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